Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The lovely Rainbow falls. Not much for swimming, but a beautiful hike with some smaller waterfalls along the way.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Above is the lovely Marissa, sporting her fabulous Arrowmont Catalog. A must have for this season.
Here we all are. Cheesing it up, and watching the Gatlinburg tourist walk by and wonder...."what is this Arrowmont of which you banner about?"
Sorry to keep everyone in suspense for so long, but here you finally have it. A new posting! Oh joy! We have successfully completed many more bonding activities. Everyone is sporting a new haircut, and we are all feeling the burn from our ritual Saturday hikes, which range from 2 - 8.5 miles. So far we have ventured to Ramsey Cascades and Rainbow Falls. Both beautiful and amazing! Aside from our extracurricular activities, we have actually been making work. Believe it or not! Kilns have been fired! Metal has been waxed! Wood has been oiled! We also were recently given the responsibility to do a photo shoot to promote the fabulous Arrowmont catalog, which you should all have on your night stand. The lucky winning image was of Marissa Saneholtz, Bob Ebendorf's visiting artist for a two-week class in metals.