Sunday, September 29, 2013

cups and bowls and plates.. oh my

All of the dishware in the resident housing is handmade. We wanted to add to that collection where it was lacking in certain areas (i.e. large cups!). Every cup we own is a coffee cup...but not for long! H.P. threw new cups, bowls, and plates and invited us to a decorating party in his studio where we got draw on them with the sgraffito process. Here are some photos! 

welcome to HP's studio
HP doing his thang
Tally's cup-- blocks of wood?

The gang
some freaky tool i fell in love with in HP's studio

The cardigan ladies
Rachel popping in to make a few at the end of the night 
Best cup of the night by Rachel-- a blind contour drawing of my face 
just bisqued
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Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Arrowmont Experience and the September Soda Firing.

Our friend Emily Nickle, a former work study from this summer and Ceramics Instructor at The Kentucky School of Craft, just published a nice blog on her experience here as a work study this summer. There are lots of photos and she covers a wide spectrum of experiences from her stay here. You can read it at She talks a great deal about many of the workshops she was able to attend and others that were going on while she was here as well as her adventures off camps. Its a good read for any of those interested in what being a work study here with the Arrowmont family is like.

I also wanted to share with those of you who do not follow me on any of my other online outlets what I am up to. As I am sure you saw last week we had Justin Rothshank here teaching a decaling workshop and since this was one of the items that I was interested in pursuing during my residency I followed along. I also had a firing this past weekend and was able to do a little decal work on a hand full of those pieces. Here area few images from that latest firing.
You can also see more of my work at or
Hope you enjoy!


Friday, September 20, 2013

Fisrt Week of Fall Classes.

The first of the fall classes will be wrapping up today. Its been nice to have students bringing the campus back to life. We had a small but great group of teachers and students this week. I spent a lot of time peaking in on Justin Rothshanks decal class but there was so much going on in all of the classes. Here are a few pics from this week.
HP Bloomer