Sunday, September 29, 2013

cups and bowls and plates.. oh my

All of the dishware in the resident housing is handmade. We wanted to add to that collection where it was lacking in certain areas (i.e. large cups!). Every cup we own is a coffee cup...but not for long! H.P. threw new cups, bowls, and plates and invited us to a decorating party in his studio where we got draw on them with the sgraffito process. Here are some photos! 

welcome to HP's studio
HP doing his thang
Tally's cup-- blocks of wood?

The gang
some freaky tool i fell in love with in HP's studio

The cardigan ladies
Rachel popping in to make a few at the end of the night 
Best cup of the night by Rachel-- a blind contour drawing of my face 
just bisqued
Thanks for stopping by!

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