Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Arrowmont Experience and the September Soda Firing.

Our friend Emily Nickle, a former work study from this summer and Ceramics Instructor at The Kentucky School of Craft, just published a nice blog on her experience here as a work study this summer. There are lots of photos and she covers a wide spectrum of experiences from her stay here. You can read it at She talks a great deal about many of the workshops she was able to attend and others that were going on while she was here as well as her adventures off camps. Its a good read for any of those interested in what being a work study here with the Arrowmont family is like.

I also wanted to share with those of you who do not follow me on any of my other online outlets what I am up to. As I am sure you saw last week we had Justin Rothshank here teaching a decaling workshop and since this was one of the items that I was interested in pursuing during my residency I followed along. I also had a firing this past weekend and was able to do a little decal work on a hand full of those pieces. Here area few images from that latest firing.
You can also see more of my work at or
Hope you enjoy!


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