Friday, July 19, 2013

our first exhibition

We just installed our first exhibition in the Loggia Gallery at Arrowmont which is sort of an introduction to our work. We worked on the layout and install with Stefanie, the new Gallery Coordinator here at Arrowmont, to put together what I think is a really great looking show! Once all the work was in place it was a lovely surprise to see how well everyone's pieces complimented one another. All of the pieces have a somewhat subdued or natural color palette which ties everything together. Here are some photos:

Rachel's slipcast umbrella's are the gateway into the gallery

HP's work with my (Lynn's) steel jewels in the background. I had fun making special mounts to hang each piece.

Tally's turned bowl from cast out wood from the Arrowmont dumpster.

Rena's embroidered work (aka stitchery) in the background.

Month one

Its already been a month!!!? Time has flown by since our arrival in June. There have been innumerable goings on and wonderful classes happenings around the Arrowmont campus. So here is a over view of highlights.....

New Yunomi by resident artist HP Bloomer IV

work from the two week anagama firing class with Jason Hess

new work by resident artist Tally Locke

resident artist HP Bloomer learns to make glass beads in Holly Coopers two week course

resident artist Rachel Garceau takes apart her large mold with the assistance of a few workstudies

one of the many fabulous demo pieces made during classes, this one is by Kathy King

Broach by resident artist Lynn Batchelder

pieces by B.G. Fellow Eric Rempe who is with us for a month

Jason Hess and his class loading the anagama

Gatlinburg wowed us with a dazzling display of fireworks which went off right above campus in the clouds. AMAZING!

Sarah Jaeger lecturing her class on glaze application

All of us settling in and having a family dinner and game night during our first weekend