Monday, February 21, 2011

Hello again, sorry to have been gone for so long. A few updates, our show is getting closer so we are all in the grind of making lots.
We also wanted to share with everyone a website about the Radical Jewelry Makeover, this is a project that is a collaboration of re-made jewelry. Donations in the form of "old" jewelry are made and then revamped by students and volunteer jewelers. A wonderful project, the pieces that have been made from RJM are beautiful and inspiring.
Residency at Arrowmont also has its perks. Recently we were honored with a backstage tour of the Ripley's Aquarium across the street from Arrowmont. We got to stand nearby as Sharks were fed, pet an octopus and learned how much it cost to feed a leafy sea dragon each week. They only eat live food.. the name I don't fully recall, something along the lines of snailmice? krillmice, maybe?
We also have a lovely photo of our dear ceramic residents showing off their mad clay working skills at Roswell Art Center West, Ga. The audience was spell bound, even if the jokes were bad. Both Shawn and Andy greatly enjoyed their time there and appreciated the support of everyone who participated.

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