Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The reception was amazing, let me just tell you! We ate, we drank, we partied with all our friends and families. Everyone was lucky enough to have family members come to town. The resident house was packed with parents inhabiting the front porch on a 24 hour schedule. It was a great weekend, and we now have bags of chicken in the freezer! The food was over ordered just a bit, but it was delicious! Thank you El Primo II!! We were also lucky enough to have the dazzling talents of Sir Kevin McGuire providing us with lovely musical entertainment. The hokie pokie was rocked out at the end of the evening, for the tiny guest.

This past weekend, Shawn, Andy and Jenn all traveled to Chattanooga for the Four Bridges Art Festival. Friday was rainy, Saturday was windy, but Sunday was just right! We met many fabulous people and of course could never say enough wonderful things about AVA and everyone working with/for them. Pictures to come of both the reception and Four Bridges!

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