Friday, May 28, 2010

Heading in Different Directions!

(photo by Jill Greene)

The residents are gearing up to move on. And the thunder and rain has come to shoo us on our way today!

Our time here at Arrowmont has been jam packed with new experiences, new friends, and a family we have gained as a result of accepting the opportunity to join Arrowmont for a year of our lives. It has been unforgettable and life changing in so many ways.
The work study and studio assistants have been arriving over the past couple of days, and we know the new residents will be here soon and experience a whirlwind of a summer into the fall, with classes taking place, and new friends being made. We're excited for them!

All of us will be starting a new journey, in a new place, with the exception of TJ. Well, he'll get the new journey, but he is staying right here at Arrowmont! TJ applied along with many, many others in hopes of becoming Program Coordinator here at the school. TJ started work on Thursday, and we haven't seen much of him since! We're excited for him, and know that he will be an asset to everyone he will work with and for. He is such an extremely talented artist and person.
Martina will be heading to North. She will be teaching ceramics at a small, private college in Marlboro, Vermont- Marlboro College. They are lucky to have her with the diversity of knowledge that she has about production work, the art and craft of the field of ceramics, and her unique decorating skills. The students are going to love her!
Kent will be fulfilling his Windgate scholarship, amongst many other ventures! He and his dad are building a woodworking studio on their property in Virginia. As part of his Windgate plan, he will head to Japan, as well as Martha's Vineyard (and more) to learn the traditional ways that wooden yacht's and sailboats are made. His skills will take him far and already have... there is a constant knock at his door with new opportunities.
I will be heading to Flagstaff, AZ, where I earned my BFA in metals. I will be teaching metalsmithing courses at Northern Arizona University. I'm excited to be heading west again, and have so much I want to share with the students involving technique in the field and professional development; and I am excited to travel with them to the Yuma Symposium and SNAG Conferences.

We will all continue to squeeze in as much art making as possible. New developments will be exciting. We have certainly been spoiled by so much time for art making here at Arrowmont, but we are better people for it! I wish everyone could have the Arrowmont experience. It has been a lot of fun sharing our time here with you all- our readers, and we hope you will stick around to see what's happening for the next crew! Keep up with us on our own blogs, our links are to the right!

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