Friday, May 14, 2010

Open Studio Ya'll!

As our days at Arrowmont are coming closer to ending, the residents had a final open studio. We lit up the grill, and cleaned up the messes in our studios to make way for visitors from the staff, community, the Arrowmont Board, and our friends...

Had to get that fire pit going...

Family portrait!
It was a great day- thanks for coming everybody!


  1. I was at the open studio and am so impressed with ALL the work my new friends have done.

    Victoria for her comittment to the 4 Ds -desire, dedication, determination and discipline. As a result, the world has been graced with her beautiful creativity. I own a beautiful custom selected pair of her ear rings!

    Martina for her creative "play in the mud" giving us her unique vision of ceramic ware for daily use. I have 5 of her masterpieces in my collection!

    As for the 'god of wood' Kent - thank you for you councel and wisdom. Your woodworking is spectacular and expresses your creativity, craftmanship and love for wood!

    Oh TJ. Thank you for your acceptance in lue of the first time we met in the dining hall. YOUR work is amazing and thought provoking. I'm glad you will still be around - I look forward to watching your work being born.

    Love to all of you and best of luck in the future. Anne S.

  2. Kent,
    Go to I think it links to that wind powered musical wall sculpture you, Karen and I talked about.

    Did you get the "crooked branches? Isn't it awesome? Hope you can use some of it.

  3. thanks, anne! it was great to visit with you at open studio and during our time at arrowmont. i did get the branch you left, it is gorgeous- i'll be transforming it into metal in the coming weeks...thank you! will miss you and your sister, and our arrowmont family tons. hope to see you during future trips to tennessee!