Thursday, May 6, 2010

the last exchange...

This week, for the last time, we worked with Karen. We started by taking down our Resident Exhibition...

and then worked towards putting up the Faculty Exhibition...

Hello 2010 class session- the new residents are in for a treat with the likes of John Cogswell, Dixie Biggs, and Myungjin Kim on the schedule.


  1. Thank of all of you for being a part of the Arrowmont community over the last few months. Your studio work and assistance at the school, as well as your contribution to the community through the public school system, is appreciated. Best to you in the future.
    Bill May

  2. I've really enjoyed following you and your projects on your blog. Your photographs have made me wish that I were there all year long. I wish the very best to all four of you, and hope you will stay in touch with Arrowmont!
    Susan Kunze
    Sandersville, Georgia

  3. bill- being a part of the arrowmont family and the community of gatlinburg has been very fulfilling for all of us. this has been a once in a lifetime opportunity, one that none of us will forget. it has been a pleasure to work with the kids, adults, and within the school, a valuable learning experience. we hope to cross paths again!
    susan- so glad you enjoyed our blog! we are lucky to have and be able to share our experiences with everyone that "stops by"! thanks for reading and keeping up with us! we will all enthusiastically stay in touch with arrowmont!! hope you have another great experience in the polymer class this summer!